Tinned Food Drive



We are visiting our 30 families in Saldanha Bay and Vredenburg on the first week of October and would LOVE to take down some goodies. We have set aside toiletries, clothing and nappies but are still needing perishable food. (tinned food) Please contact our office if you would like to contribute tinned food to the care bags that our Nurse and Social Worker will be taking to the families. Items needed are listed below and can be dropped at the hospice Items
Sweet Corn 30 Tins
Corned Meat 27 Tins
Tuna 20 Tins
Saldanha Pilchards 22 Tins
Mixed Vegetables 20 Tins
Coffee Creamer 5 Boxes
Macaroni / Spaghetti 20 Packets
Tea 3 Boxes
Jam 30 Small Tins
Soup: Minestrone/ Brown Onion 20 Sachets
Small Canned Fruit (Peaches) 22 Tins
Peas 20 Tins
Lentils 20 Packets
2 Minute Noodles 80 Packets
Coffee (Small Tins ) 30
OR donate R50 via here and we will purchase the items to fill the list on your behalf. 


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