1 x 4 hour Community based respite sit




Sponsor a 4 hour sit for a Family with 1 x senior carer – For some families the 4 hours an Iris House carer is at their home is the only break they get! Parents LOVE to see one of our friendly professional carers at their door. They know their child is in good hands and they can take some time out to relax with their husbands, other children, friends etc. In fact do the things we take for granted. (please note we also have an option for a 2 carer sit – we Always provide 2 x carers to a family whose child suffers from severe seizures or his too heavy to be safely lifted by one carer.)

Price is made up of the following:

Senior carerĀ 4 x R65 per hour – R260

Transport R50

Total R310