Blood Pressure Monitor


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Sponsor our team with a Blood Pressure Monitor, essential product for our families who need to be monitored.

Product Description
AUTOMATIC / DIGITAL / ARM CUFF TYPE Contents: 1 Monitor; 1 Cuff; 1 Bag; 1 Owner’s Manual Product Description :- This Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is very convenient & easy to use – just a touch of a button! The jumbo LCD provides professional & accurate reading without leaving home. Features : 1) Clinically Validated Accuracy (± 3mmHg in blood pressure; ± 5% in pulse measuring accuracy) 2) Jumbo LCD Display (LCD Size: 83.5 x 54.5mm) 3) Irregular Heart Beat Detection 4) 120 Memories in 4 Groups; Perfect for Family Use 5) Last 3 Results Average 6) WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator 7) Auto Shut Off 8) Low Battery Indicator 9) Blood Pressure Measurable Rang: 0mmHg~300mmHg; Pulse Measurable Rang: 30~180 beats/minute 10) Power Source: Four 1.5V AA alkaline Batteries or AC Adapter (Not Included) 11) Battery Life: Approx. 2 months (test 3 times per day) 12) Unit Dimension: 11 x 15.5 x 7cm 13) Weigh: Approx. 350grams without Battery 14) Arm cuff size 22-36cm (standard)